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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Karaoke Championship Final =)

Too bad, Mr. Dumdum didn't make it.. Well.. It's a good experience though.. add oil la.. all your friends and family will always support you.. same as me too.. keep it up ya.. try to learn to conquer the stage!!! that's your main weakness.. as you said the last contestant.. look at her.. she's good with her stage performance right? That's what you need to have.. anyway.. tomorrow's final.. focus on that right now.. good luck la.. ^_^

You are not so tall jek.. =p
Poor Ah Loy waiting for siao po Sharon for almost 3 hours.. >.<"
Winners for Category A
Winners for Category B [The 5th place guy went back]

Didn't take dao Category C's picture because we went back after the result for Category B was announced.. How sad.. huhu.. Never mind never mind..Still got many chance de.. Train well on your DANCE.. haha.. and your STAGE THINGY.. I believe you can de.. "Nothing is impossible, Just do it" ^^

Final exam starting tomorrow.. All the best to all ADP students.. jia you jia you jia you.. Good luck to myself too.. haha.. Everyone.. Gambateh!! GOGOGO!!! =)

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