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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today suppose to be my first day of dance class for November, but since I had started working, so I had to stop my classes for Nov and Dec.. T___T Will miss Chriz and others so much.. can't really hang out with them anymore.. I can't join the flashmob dance on the 20th Nov also.. waaa... T.T But, there's aa very important day coming soon, I hope I could really make it and make it happening.. Well.. I don't know.. because I don't really have time to contact with others as well.. don't know how's everyone going.. all I know is just Mr.Dumdum and the pillow pet..[ps: anyone interested, please feel free come buy from me..XD] haha.. Pictures for sample were available at here =) Talking about working also, since we were working at Sunway, from 10am till 10pm.. therefore we had to figure out for our breakfast, lunch and dinner or maybe supper as well if too hungry.. SUNWAY.. is like so expensive leh all the food.. T.T most cheap?? porridge and "yu chia ke" lo..RM3.90 only.. so sometimes we had to walk out from Sunway Pyramid to have our meal at chinese restaurant.. haiz haiz haiz.. everyday like this ma cham.. planned to ta pao from home..straight bring 3 meal.. save cost.. but don't know the food can stand till night or not.. huhu.. well.. see la how.. But, I had a confession to make.. I really do enjoy my job! =) Because I could always see CUTE BABIES!!! hahaha.. most of our customers were parents who brought their children along.. if not.. a baby trolley.. See dao so many cute cute de baby.. damn nice.. Like yesterday, I played with two little kids.. they were playing around with the pillows.. One of them asked me "Jie jie, what's this thing?" and she was like so so cute.. eyes big big.. haha.. Then I also chit chat with her.. tell her that, "this is a bee..this is a hippo" You know what is this? This is a unicorn.. Cute right? Just love the moment so much.. haha.. Yeah I know..I really like kids and baby so much.. haha.. What to do.. All my cousins smaller than me wan.. =.=" Most youngest few months only.. haha.. aiks aiks aiks.. Well.. promotion week is coming soon.. Can't wait for the day.. Hope it's gonna be a blast one!! Gambateh everyone!! Must jia you for our lao ban.. =) And oh ya, finally completed one week job.. whee~~  Tomorrow all stocks will arrive lo..Customer customer.. mani mani hom~all lai lai buy our pillow pet.. wahhaha.. oh yeah~~ XD off to bed now~night night =)

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