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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Damn you stupid old uncle!!!
See your heng si si man man.. but who knows?! 
FUCK YOU!!!! What you did to me?
I also don't know why I so stupid~ so blur case~
Hand in the fucking RM200 to you!!!!
Buy a Secret Recepi cake won't cost you more than RM100!!!
I know want!! I ming ming jiu know de.. 
Why I still give you RM200?!!
Damn damn damn~
Better don't get car bang when you cross road next time!!
Cheater! Scammer! Ownself no money izzit? Go cheat other people's money for what?!! >.<"
You spoil dumdum's mood as well! I didn't see him get so angry before this.. T.T
Stupid you!! What daughter's birthday~ Buy present box? FUCK YOU LA!!!!!! DAMN!!!!   

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