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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A night to remember ♥

PROM NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

incy wincy spider XD

Well, all I can say is that, the food was awesome~at least much much more better than last year's food.. haha.. But, I'm kinda disappointed with the schedule arrangement~It's kinda boring and dragging..The MC.. =.=" as though as he syok sendiri on the stage.. LOL.. Say got ballroom dance.. but nobody dare to go out also.. They sure planned earlier.. Asked few couples to go infront and dance first.. For sure people will follow de ma.. Then performances..Too little neh~ Say got dance performance? But I don't see any also.. @@ But one thing great about it was, the venue was great~Beautiful..That's why everyone keep on taking picture here and there.. even in the hall time.. when there's performance~No one wanna see also.. How sad.. T.T Yea la.. I was performing lor.. First time singing for a performance~ Took me and my pro partner several days to practice the song and steps.. I don't if its good but everyone say it was nice.. For me.. It was so so only.. Coz I know my level.. Even Cheryl noticed, got one part at the brigde, "zhou ying" liao leh.. >.<" Wuwu.. Why can't I sing so well like my parents? =( Hahhaa.. Stop crapping.. Back to main topic..LOL.. One truth thing was EVERYBODY LOOKS GORGEOUS AND HANDSOME!! =)  More details on Mr.Ivan's blog post =p After prom, most of us went to MOS..Crazy after PROM!!! Oh yeah~ Siao liao.. kaka.. Drink drank drunk.. Just dance~Boom boom shake shake.. all come out.. haha.. 

Final word : Farewell HICT Klang.. Hello Fraser Park.. Gonna miss ya.. I suppose? haha.. Bye for now =)

opss.. Forgot my pictures.. Nah.. lazy to upload.. View it here lah :

and here's my performance's video.. Don't laugh ya T.T

Bye-bye =)

Before I forgot, Happy 20th Birthday Aris Chern Yang =)

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