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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


OFF DAY!!! which means???

Yeah~ No matter how, gonna totally fully use my only off day for the week..hahaa

Yeah baby yeah~XD First plan was to celebrate our beloved "dai ka jie" OCY's birthday again.. Yeah~again.. but previously was dance friends~ this time with ji mui gang =D Went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch.. What else~Camwhore la.. hahaha.. 

6 ji muiss + xiao yan li ^^

Once again, Happy 19th birthday my dear ^^

After lunch, loiter around a while.. camwhore infront of Aeon's Christmas decoration.. and we was too bored so we went to the arcade place.. haha.. nice for spending time though.. 

More pictures can be viewed HERE =)

Up next? Movie time! haha.. After all of them went back, I stayed back till 7pm~ Movie with Allan~ Here's it~ MEGAMIND is in the house yo! =D Rated it 8/10 Cute and interesting movie.. I guess it was the first hero in BLUE so far? If I'm not mistaken =D

Awww...This is so cuteee =)

haha~ LMAO =)

10.30pm later~2nd movie for the day with dumdum!!! Can't miss this.. Harry Potter and the deadly Hallows [PART 1]
Very very nice~ awesome~ I realize in this episode, there are more and more spells! haha.. most of the time, they used "STUPIFY", spells used to attack dementors. I remember Draco's dad flew away when Harry cast this spell on him. It must be very hurt.. Haha.. But hor, as dumdum said, the ending abit potong leh.. Voldemolt cast a spell to the sky then THE END.. haha.. but yala.. if not how to makes people gan jiong leh.. Cinema will burst on JULY 2011.. Hahaha... Rated 10/10 Yeah baby yeah~ Can't wait for the Part 2!! =) 





No Voldemort!!! Don't kiss Dumbledore!!! Hahaha XD

Arggghhhh!!! There's just too many awesome pictures!! Check it out yourself : Harry_Potter_Facebook =)

Toodles for now~ Tomorrow still gotta work!! Bye bye =D

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