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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pillow Pet Part 2 ♥

Whee~~~ Welcome welcome.. Say hello to our new buddy ^^ Uni the Unicorn, Buggy the lady bug, bunny the rabbit, elly the elephant, and beary the bear.. XD

All of them were so cuteeeeee also neh.......... too bad only 6 stocks were for sale.. dog, lady bug, sheep, cow, monkey and hippo.. wuwu.. 
haha...  what kind of pose is this.. lolx
eat eat .. =p
And now... ss time of course =p
miss buggy ^^
mr.berry =p
miss bunny =p
mrs..uni ^^

And my favourite one....
Miss elly ^^
Dumdum and berry =p
2nd day~ =p

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