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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pillow Pet Part 3 + Sakae Sushi ♥

Happy Birthday to DUMDUM.. Old one more year liao.. muahahhahahaa.. xD
4th day of working today~ Boss came with the pillow's bag..two choices of colour~red and white.. so cuteee neh~~ Specially designed for our pillows.. haha.. XD

red one =)
white one ^^
I just love my hair =)
ah beng =p
posing =p

Then, I told boss today was Chern Yang's birthday. haha.. And of course boss wished him but then we don't expect that boss would said "Shall we go and have a dinner to celebrate of what?? Sushi King or Sakae Sushi aa.." We were stunned again.. looked at each other with eyes big big.. lol..And here we go.. boss treated us SAKAE SUSHI!!! omigosh.. I had never ever ate sushi so full in my life.. Dumdum as well.. Guess this was the best meal ever for his birthday.. Good for him =) haha.. 

Not bad leh this angle.. nice nice.. ^^
my set meal =D
fish fish.. hahaXD
tempura =p
dumdum's set meal
4 red plate only ma ^^

Once again~ Thanks boss.. You really made our day.. haha.. XD

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