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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pillow Pet ♥

Pillow pet!!! I want I want... damn cute neh... 1st day working at Sunway Pyramid.. Pheww..  From 10am till 10pm.. Me and dumdum reached early, when boss came, there were some minor problems where some of the light bulbs were not functioning.. Then, while waiting for the management people to arrive, boss then said "Now, we don't need to do anything first, let's go and have our breakfast." Me and dumdum was shocked.. haha.. We looked at each other but boss wasn't joking.. Then we head on to Pappa Rich for our breakfast. Boss said it was the "Welcoming breakfast".. haha.. so nice of him.. Well then.. overall, everything goes smoothly.. Get to meet four cute buddies.. ^^ I like the sheep.. the dog also not bad.. the hippo also cute.. They all have their names already.. haha.. Beezy the bee, Xiao Yang the sheep, Coffee the doggie and Specky the Hippo!!! haha.. We haven't meet dao Buggy the lady bug, Moo moo the cow and Milo the monkey!!! haha.. T.T hope to meet you all soon.. then we all can "yi jia tuan ju" lu.. ^^


Can you see any difference? haha..
[Added decoration, light bulb were fixed, pillows were rearranged, and I'm in the picture of coz.. haha..]

I present to you......
cute right? ^^

1st day [1 Nov 10]=)

Xiao Yang the Sheep sheep ^^ 

Mr. Coffee in the house yo!! =D
Beezy the bee ^^
Specky the Hippo.. why Specky?? because.....

"He" wears specs!!!! XOXOXO

His partner.....
Grandma sheep ^^
All of them also very "en ai" lo.. watching tv together.. LOL^^

Then, going back time, I brought all of them home with Boss's permission of course.. haha.. Intro them to Milko and others.. wahahhaa... XD


That's all for now...
To view more pictures, click this link =)

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