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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A walk in the rain

On a bright sunny day
I was sitting on the swing at the park
The environment was calm and quiet
The air was fresh 
As I look above
I could see the light blue sky
I could hear the chirping sound of the birds
Chirp chirp here, chirp chirp there
As though as they were singing together
How happy they were
and yet
I was alone
Thinking about somebody
Somebody who I love
Somebody who I care
Somebody who I always remember
Somebody who will always sing to me
Cheer me up when I was upset
But recently, thing just don't seems right
There's arguments, quarrel, and the so call "cold war"
which I hate it so much
But why? Every time when this situation happened,
My heart was so pain,
Even sometimes I couldn't stand the tears falling down on my cheeks
I think deeply,
Think and think and think
Without realizing
The sky began to turns dark
Thunder and lightning strikes
Raindrops start to fall
and slowly
the streets began to floods
here I am still alone
Without HIM by my side
How I wish he could give me a hug right now
I stood beside the tree
Under the cold breezy rain
I wish I could always stay under the rain whenever I was upset
because no one will know that I was crying......


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