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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You again!!! XD

You you you!!! You again!!! haha.. YOU AGAIN!!! lols.. not you.. but the movie title was You Again! haha.. Really really really nice and funny~ me and dumdum was laughing from beginning to the end of the movie.. Must must watch!! Rated 10/10 =D 

movie poster

TRUST ME.. This part was freaking FUNNY... really laugh till stomach pain.. haha
“High school was a horror movie. This weekend is the sequel.”

“Quick, somebody call ‘Us Weekly.’ Let’s find out who wore it best.”

Bunny’s Advice: You may only get one chance to swing from the rafters. Seize the moment!

EWW!! .... I wonder what was that~ =P

Do you remember the cheers from your high school?

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