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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baroque Concert @ KL Pac

Program of the day

Went to this Baroque Concert yesterday night. Actually the venue was supposed to held at our new campus which is the Fraser Park but so the very unfortunately, when the Spain and Mexican embassy went to see the venue, THERE'S NOTHING DONE. No set up.. hall all haven't ready.. LOL. And I heard that they were kinda pissed off and finally decided to changed to venue to KL Pac. Pheww.. I went there before and in my thought, well not bad la.. the place was beautiful, the hall was quite grand and nice as the embassy wants to held it as grand as they could. But...... when I saw our hall... I was like.. YERRRRRRRRR...... Sorry to be straight but really (WTH?!?!?!) LIKE SERIOUSLY.. =.=" It was not in the grand big hall that I went last time which was supposed to look LIKE THIS.. Haizz... Disappointed.. And guess what.. As the audience keep coming and coming, end up not enough seats.. They have to bring extra chairs and the hall.. It's not a hall btw.. It's like a studio.. It was so crowded, and messy!!! >.<" Haiz haiz haiz... HICT production ma.. Don't want say liao..

Talk about the performance, this was a concert by Horacio Franco, a famous flute players from Mexico. (He's GAY!!) =p He's really muscular.. LOL.. Why am I crapping about all this? haha.. XD Well a little info about this guy:

HORACIO FRANCO has been described by the international press as one of the most distinguished flute players of our time. He studied at the National Music Conservatory in Mexico City and at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Franco has played with the Bournemouth Sinfonietta, the European Community Chamber Orchestra, the St. James Baroque Soloists, the Queen's Symphony, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, the American Composers' Orchestra, the Ferenc Lizst Chamber Orchestra, the Philharmonica Baroque Orchestra, the Florentine Chamber Orchestra and the city of Birminghman Symphony, among other acclaimed orchestras in celebrated concert halls such as St Martin-in-the-Fields (London), Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo) and Carnegie Hall (New York). An active soloist, his repertoir rangs from Medieval to Renaissance and Baroque music, including a wide selection of Mexican and Latin American popular music.
Accompanying him on the podium have been distinguished conductors such as Ronald Zollman, Arthur Fagen, Dennis Russel Davies, John Toll, Ton Koopman, Segio Cardenas, Christopher Wilkis, Mordechai Rechtmann, Eduardo Mata, Alexander Polianitchko , Nicholas Mc'Geghan, Thomas Crawford, Janos Rola, Alfred Savia and Istvan Parkanya.
Franco was founder and artistic director of the Capella Cervantina and a founding member of the Trio Hotteterre. He has conducted the Capella Cervantina, the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fileds and the Georgian Chamber Orchestra.

With him, there's also another music player which plays the harpsichord. He is SANTIAGO ALVAREZ. He is a graduate of the Music School of Mexico's National University, the Utrecht Conservatory and the Music School of Catalunnya. An outstanding harpsichordist who studied under Luisa Duron, Siebe Henstra, Wilbert Hazelzet, Heiko ter Schegget and Beatrice Martin, he has performed at the Concertebouw (Amsterdam) and the Royal Theatre (Madrid), among other famous international halls, as an accomplished expert in traditional Western Music. 

Photographs time ^^
Spot my name!!!.. (Just kidding =p)
Mr. Martin is going to get married soon!! No more Miley Cyrus for him!!! haha XD 
Lol.. I look weird.. >.<"
The blazer is really big.. LOL

They also gave us this... and don't know for what.. LOL
Condoms!!! Anyone needs it? I have one with me.. =.="
A picture with both of the musician =D (Horacio in black and Santiago in white) =D 

Horizontal view =D [Watch their hands!!!!] =p
Now see the hand!! And Horacio's smile!! Big difference.. LOL. Hahaha.. =p
Say cheese ^^

Fortunately, we were been invited to the Cocktail Reception as well. Not bad la the food, but the wine sucks.. LOL..
Almost all the food was here =D
This plate was all the fried one =)
Red wine.. White wine's taste is much better.. haha

After this dinner, still got KFC waiting for us.. haha.. But end up, waste also.. LOL.. Brought back home, after a long sleepy way from KL to Klang.. Also not hungry d.. Dinner plate with 3 pieces of chicken.. Throw away 2 pieces.. Wasted.. LOL.. 

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