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Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrities =D

Yeap~ I met THREE celebrities on the same day.. muahhaha..XD  Firstly I met Gary Chaw and Nicholas Teo. There was an event don't know what 30 finalist award de la.. gam gam the venue at Sunway convection centre..
Lam Tak Weng

And so gam gam our company sponsors 10 pillow pet to MyFm for their game purpose. So I went to the centre with these 6 display pet.

This was Jaden's company product- GOLD ART

In my thought, there would be many people there.. You know.. Who doesn't like to see celebrities right? haha.. But I guess this event was not too big enough. Not much people were there. NOT EVEN ONE PEOPLE WERE THERE FOR THE GAME. So, MyFm took the 10 free pillows coupons back and they would use it for other function.

Well, back to this two celebrities.. There were 3 actually.. But I don't know another one.. paiseh.. >.<" Err.. no no.. consider 4 la actually.. another one is MyFm DJ also got act in few movies la.. Lam Tak Weng was there too.. Quite handsome leh his look but still not as handsome as Zhang Dong Liang!!! Omg.. He very very shuai neh... His fans came to support him also.. Well, I don't see any Gary's fans but never mind.. I still like your "bei pan" song.. haha.. Got few pictures from the side view only.. Coz I'm among the crowded fans..
Couldn't find a nice view to capture.. haha..

My face looks weird.. haha.. XD

And finally, the last one and the greatest one~From Hong Kong, I present to you~

 LAM FUNG!!!! =D
This is the most clear picture that I manage to capture T.T

It was his official ticket launch day and he came by to Sunway Pyramid!! Hahaha.. Guess what~ TICKET PRO is the company in charge for his concert's ticket.. When I saw the lady at the counter , I quickly avoid from them, don't want let her see dao me..  Don't know she recognize me or not..  Well since they said, for the ATP tennis tournament, that's the event that they got the most complains and problems ever.. haha.. Stop this crap.. back to Lam Fung.. Anyone going to see his concert? Me? Expensive neh~ And I have never been to a real concert before.. Coz I'm not as crazy as those fans out there.. lolx.. If there is High School Musical concert @ Malaysia, then I might consider going! hahaha.. XD Well.. not much picture that I manage to took also.. coz too crowded liao.. and too many people.. >.<" and he was not facing towards the side I was standing.. so I manage to capture his side view..never mind.. the light gam gam ho cover up his face.. can't see his face at all..  =.="

Actually I planned to go to the entrance to wait half an hour earlier.. but I went to the wrong entrance.. and keep finding it.. swt lo.. when I went to the right place.. This is what I saw ---> 
Look at the crowd =.="
Imagine I have to squeeze in among them just to take Lam Fung's picture.. somemore very hot.. >.<"

And here he came =)

He cover all his body.. all black.. lolx
See.. told ya.. the stupid light =.="
and why la the OneFm dj wanna stand at the left.. stand at the right hand side then I ma can see lam fung clearly lo.. hahah XD

Sign sign =)
Tadaa!!! Surprise from his fans~ So sweet.. His birthday coming soon.. 18 Dec if I'm not mistaken =D When all of us was singing birthday song for him.. "Happy birthday TO LAM FUNG" feel weird weird leh... hahaha... 


Can you spot him now? hahaha.. >.<"

Autograph autograph =)
Paparazzi so good hor.. Can see celebrities so near.. T.T

That's it for today.. toodles =)

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