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Thursday, December 16, 2010

@Empire Shopping Gallery

My dear XQD, Cory is on leave today, so I had been assigned to replace her. LOL. Talk like what nia.. haha.. First thing first, many thanks to Miss Ling Ling and Miss Jac Jac who help me alot..(I don't even know how to open the shop cart at first.) LMAO!! Haha.. But everything goes well soon. I love Empire kiosk's colour leh.. white and red.. Nice.. =) And it's berry berry cold over there..Didn't bring jacket somemore..  and I regret to wear skirts.. =.=" And and the wifi line is much much more faster than Sunway's P1 line.. T.T

My working place.. also called as online place =.="

Pillo pets in bag in pyramid shape.. =)

Nice leh.. So colorful.. Unlike ours.. All green green de.. haha.. XD

 And and and andddddddd......... I found this there!!! RED COLOUR NIKE SHOE.. >.<"

Miss papan.. LOL.. haha XD

Off to bed..Night peeps =D

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