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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Garden @ Sunway Pyramid

New open restaurant! Garden @ Sunway Pyramid. Excellent. Everything was just perfect. Environment, service, food, drinks, and the PRICE also kinda excellent.. haha.. Well, ok ok la.. Is like this liao de lo.. Someone was so emo while having his lunch.. eh..not suppose to say emo.. is ENJOY.. so feeling lo.. haha.. Design, colour everything almost the same with Fullhouse, but I think Garden is much more beautiful.. =) Great competitior for Fullhouse now.. haha.. Well, you guys should go and try it once.. I went once at E-Curve but that was like kinda far from Klang. Lols.. Kla, Check out the pictures la.. Toodles =D

From menu book

Iced peach lemon tea.. nice =D
Spaghetti ^^
Char kuey tiow.. haha XD
Mashed potato!!! My favourite =)
Emo king
Is this emo? haha
The DIAMOND piano!! Damn nice wey.... >.<"
Pro master =p

The environment and surrounding of the restaurant

There were actually swinging bench along the dining table. Really makes you feel like you eating in a garden.


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