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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gulliver's travel @ BBQ Steamboat Buffet

Another off day, what can I say anymore? Movie time ^^ Went Aeon Bukit Tinggi but unfortunately as what we don't expected, the queue to buy the movie ticket was so damn long, and before the time that we wanted to watch had already full. =.=" So, head on to MBO, hoping that there's still seats left. Come on, haven't 1pm also lo.. >.<" Luckily still got.. haha.. But I wonder why MBO is more expensive than TGV.. Hmm hmm hmm.. Don't know.. Watched Gulliver's travel this time. Rated it 9/10 =) Funny yet nice movie.. Tiny people, big people.. It was just so amazing.. =D

Went to 88 BBQ Steamboat buffet at night. Eat eat eat ^^

My plate.. all meat.. hahaha =P

Dessert time ^^

Talkie talkie chity chatty....
Time time time time time time.........
Hmm, thanks for everything though,
and I'm sorry for everything also.. haha..
I know YOU know what I wanna say, (I hope so? @.@)
I hope I can hear the 10 reasons once again ^^
Erm... Err, Or maybe more? =p
Let's spoon!!! Fork off!!! Hahaha... XOXO

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