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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I need you baby... =X

I need you so badly... Please come to me baby...... =X

The front one RM199 and the back one RM215. Both also nice leh.. No RED colour.. T.T The front one leh.. not really suitable for dancing wor.. Can't really bend our feet.. But if go out gai gai.. Damn nice right? Argh!!!! How how how.. @@ But I kinda prefer the one behind.. black and pink one.. It's super light!! But left size 8 only leh.. Kinda loose for my small feet.. But still ok lo if wanna wear.. How how how? So nice leh.. Left 3 pairs only at Sunway's Nike outlet.. But both of them? @@ RM414 leh!!! T.T But I wanna visit Ah Loon's store at Kp first.. definitely can get cheaper shoes there.. but don't know gam my taste bo.. but on the other hand, I scare if at Kp don't have.. then wanna get from Sunway de.. scare the shoe give people buy away leh.. Like my Lence de red dress.. Wo bu yao... Wuwuwu.... T.T

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