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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Money lost
Hand phone lost
Pillow pet lost
and now???
Netbook also LOST??!
WTF?! Why la all this stupid idiot scammer cheater so bastard one.. 
Ownself no money izzit? Why wanna take and steal other people's one? Walao a~ 
I was wondering if there is any technology.. who can protect our belongings.. I mean like.. when there is people who tries to steal or take something which don't belongs to them, the particular thing will TALK and then alarm will rings.. hahahaha.. The stupid thief sure get shock wan.. kaka.. Then like this, no people's thingy will bu jian lor.. T.T But for my case.. hynoptize.. I can't put any alarm on me which can suddenly rings when I kena hypnotize or what of course.. >.<" Then how? Anti hypnotize perfume? A necklace which can reflect back the hypnotize effect? hahhaa.. LMAO.. I know I sounds ridiculous.. But I'm just too bored! And starving.. OMG.. It's 7.18pm now.. Need to wait till 10pm.. T.T Cheong K later! Sing to max!! Or not? haha.. =p Blurppp... T.T

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