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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Narnia & Tron Legacy =)

Happy Tang yuan day.. opss.. I mean.. Happy Dong Zhi 2010 ^^ Time past really fast, One year had already over. It seems like yesterday only when I celebrated Dong Zhi on the year 2009. Haha.. This year nothing changed, went to grandma house for lunch. Just that food is different, chocolates were different as well! haha..

More chocolate bars :D

Went to dumdum's house after that.. Had a taste on his mum's tang yuan.. nice ^^
flower shape.. haha =p

At night, as planned, me and dumdum were going to watch movies.. tee-hee.. ^^ Fully used of our off days.. kaka.. XD Went to MBO for Narnia and Tron Legacy. Woohoo.... XD
Narnia comes first.. Well well well.. Great movie! Kinda sad it was the final episode of Narnia. Aiks.. I like one thing about this movie so much~ THE BOOK OF SPELLS!!!! Hahaha.. I know I'm crazy about magic but don't you think it was just so awesome if we all have real magic? haha.. Rated this movie 8/10 =)

See.. she just made the whole room get snowed XD

One page of the book~ Just say it and your dreams came true.. haha XD

The final episode of Narnia.. =)

Half an hour later then, Tron Legacy was next.. ^^

Another lengzai in my list~ Welcome to Garrett Hedlund aka Sam Flynn in the movie =)

You are top 3 now after Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) and Zac Efron (Troy Bolton in High School Musical) XD

I don't know why many people say this movie was boring, maybe because they don't understand gua.. haha.. for me, this movie was really really super dee duper geng!!!! Hahaha.. This movie is full of creativeness neh. I mean how on earth can we imagine that we can go inside a world of program? Right right right? Well for sure don't count those POKEMON, DIGIMON World la.. haha.. and and the game.. Grid challenge?? Not playing with puzzle.. but use a stick which can transform into motorcycle!! Hahaha.. For those who haven't watch, must must go watch ya ^^ Rated 10/10 =D

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