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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Number code game ^^

Recently on Facebook, many people started to play the number code game whereby you send a code number by a private message to the person and then she/he will write on her/his status what she'he know about you. Haha.. XD I don't wanna write about people I know but I do wanna know what people tell about me.
Here's few response that I got. ^^

From Adriena, my secondary school mate, also my junior =)

From Priya, my secondary classmate also best friend =)

From Cheryl, who don't know her? haha.. =P Well this is a long one.. haha XD

From Heng Shen, college mate aka ji mui.. This post is really jimuil-ly feel.. Don't know how to express.. >.<"

From Sher Teng, my college mate ^^

Looking for more leh.. Anyone still got play out there? kaka.. xD

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