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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rapunzel =)

Another romantic yet nice movie!! Rapunzel =) 
First time saw Allan in his formal wear.. Lolx.. Went Kim Gary for dinner.. This drink is interesting.. Ice blue fruit punch.. Don't know what name liao.. haha.. Watch.. :D

It's BLUE now.. 

It started to mix with the YELLOW gang... 

And it turns GREEN now!!!! hahahhaha

Back to movie.. haha.. Rated it 9/10.. Awesome.. Nice one ^^

The evil FAKE mother
The hair was strong enough to tie a person up~ Geng right? haha
This froggie is so so cute..hahaXD
Maximus!! He's superb! =D
He's so adorable... awww =)
The best part =)

I just love this type of cartoon movie.. Not childish but it's nice ok.. Sometimes even better than some real action movie.. =)

And finally, I got myself a new purse! Yay! Finally I can give all my cards a comfortable place. Now, they don't have to squeeze together again.. =p Thanks Whye Loon for the purse.. Love it so much.. =)

Haha.. My sis and I small time.. I know I'm cute, you don't have to say it out.. =p

Night peeps =D

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