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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Suicide for LOVE???

Love. What is love? Is love great? Hell yea it sure does! Someone could just die because of love! Recently, there was a teenage boy, Alviss Kong who suicide because he broke up with his girlfriend which she actually played him. He jumped down from the 14th floor and died just like that. Omg a... For a bad girl, you die.. Worth it meh? Lost a girl doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your life. LOL. This whole world you can't find any other girl liao meh? Such a pity, his look not bad de leh.. Another handsome boy gone from this world.. What a waste.. hmmph.. >.<" But, it also happened already, die also die already.. We can't do anything anymore.. No use that we keep on scold or criticizes him right? And guess what? The news about his suicide is like spreading all around facebook and even came out in newspaper! (Like 4 pages? =.=") I wonder how's the girl feeling right now.. Don't know how she wanna face people.. Haiz.. That's why lo.. Some times.. Don't trust a girl too much.. You will get hurt. Everyone.. Learn from this story ba.. Check out all this links for more info, HERE and HERE and HERE. A VIDEO of him. His GRAVE. A NOTE from his friend. And just few couple of days, all the notes, videos, photos, links about his news hit so many LIKES. Gosh.. Silly silly.. Aiks =X

I don't know you, but I wish you have a good journey, R.I. P~

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