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Sunday, December 26, 2010

X'mas day ♥

Merry Christmas everybody!!!! Hohoho... Did Santa came to your house? Well, he didn't come to my house cause I didn't put any socks for him to put in present!!! Just joking! Haha.. It's because my house don't have chimney!!! kakaka.. Kidding la.. :P Ok, back to topic.. I'm sure al of you have your very own celebration, right? So do I =) Well, not really a big celebration but I'm satisfied with it.. Since I'm working also, so can't really go out anywhere.. Well then, on this very special day, we, me and Mr. Dumdum finally went to Sushi Zanmai.. He wanted to go there so long and his dream finally came true! haha.. LOL

The sushi looks so cute from here.. haha xP
My hair @.@

I ate two plate of this Unagi sushi.. nice wey.. >.<" 

Chik- chak time ^^

Noobie face.. hahaha XD

After work, went to Mr. Tan Wai How's house at Teluk Pulai for exchange christmas gift celebration..xD Lalalala.. Guess what I got?? Tee-hee... xP

Wow.. I saw so many pressie!!!! =D

Take a picture ^^
My pressie~ A powder from Lucas.. Tan kiu ^^

More pictures at HERE =)

Tang kiu to Mr.Dumdum for the chocolate ^^

Not to forget the pillo pet as well.. My "yang yang" ^^

Pity this sheep fella cause it will fell down from my bed almost everyday.. haha.. I don't know how I sleep la.. And don't know how sometimes my brother would hug it instead of his doggie.. The doggie don't know give him kick till where.. So cute though.. hahaha.. xD

Merry Christmas again and have a happy 2011 new year ^^

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