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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to dancing =)

I'm officially back to dancing!!! xD Today's class was a bit different.. There were four new students.. Don't know them but they seems familiar to Sharon (From Kwang Hua school probably) I don't know.. haha.. When Chriz ask each of us to dance solo, I was kinda nervous.. messed up on the first time.. Tried back on the second time..managed to complete it but I don't really get to follow the beat.. Don't know why.. Too long didn't dance already? Nervous in front of those new comers? Huhu.. @.@ Anyway, felt happy coz I get back to dance now. =)

Up coming performance = Xinyi's bro's wedding on 15.01.2011 Good luck ^^

Too long didn't take picture in studio =p

Siao po.. haha XD

And was supposed to meet a relative which was my grandpa's (mom's side) brother which was my.. aiyo.. don't know call what la.. >.<" 90++ years old liao.. came to Malaysia from Hong Kong, so mummy thought wanna go Jenjarom to visit him, thought he was there, but unfortunately from dear cousin, Sin Yan's mummy brought them to KL, well of course my grandma followed to, and few other relatives.. Lol.. I just remember him by the photo he carried me when I was baby! Haha.. Anyhow, welcome back grandfather's brother.. >.<"
College starting tomorrow.. Arghhh.. Hate classes in morning.. T.T I wonder tomorrow's orientation got leng lui@leng zai or not..We shall discover tomorrow..  hehe.. Goodnight world =D

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