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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meet the parents : Little Fockers

Happy New year 2011 ^^ Also my first day after I no longer working.. Went 3-yi's house.. Miss the two little xiao gua so much... haha.. So long didn't see them.. hao hao so cute..... yuan yuan became more and more naughty d.. no longer the cute cute and guai guai kid anymore.. Keep lau gai somemore.. haiz... apalah nak jadi.. >.<" Night time, mummy suddenly say wanna bring us for movie.. haha.. Then, four of us went to MBO for this comedy movie : Meet the Parents : Little Fockers. As I know this movie is berry berry funny! And yet it is really laugh die me from the begginning of movie till the end! GREG FOCKER = SOUNDS LIKE GREAT FUCKER!!! Kinda many porn and horny part.. Sex.. Penis.. Omg... macam macam la... guys.. You gotta watch this yourself man.. haha.. Rated 9/10 =D

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