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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year eve ♥

Nothing much special but it means a lot to me. Thanks dummy.. so sweet of you ^^ We were after work and can't figure out where to countdown. Finally end up at dummy's house. Hahaha.. 
We still got our very own candlelight dinner.. Hehe ^^ Well, not in a big or grand restaurant but at least we still have spaghetti, mushroom soup, wine, it's vodka I think? And not forgotten the candle.. Muahahaha.. Not bad la.. Give you 9/10 =D Deduct 1 mark because the spaghetti's too DRY! haha.. The "zap" too less leh.. Nevermind la.. pass liao la..haha.. Happy new year 2011~ May this year be a better year ahead. Hope every would be healthier and wealthier.. Results would be more excellent =D    

Love this picture very much =)


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