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Thursday, January 27, 2011


What a FURIOUS day.. Don't wanna comment anything about THAT =X

Anyway, check them out.. They were so cute... Xin Yi asked me to accompany her to replace Chriz to teach dancing justnow.. She was sick, hope you will get well soon ba =) From the left, mini chun ken.. awww.. he's so adorable.. feel like pinching him.. looks similar with my brother.. haha.. the pinky guy was kinda shy.. hehe.. anyway, had a great time at Stepz.. Especially during the adult class, I had to teach an indian boy because he's one class behind the others.. And since XinYi's english not really good, I was asked to teach him.. Kinda awkward because me myself don't really can dance very well.. But overall, I still can handle it.. hehe.. Had an opportunity to dance together with them also.. Since I'm also in the process of learning the same song.. "Wedding Dress".. Can't wait for this Sunday class to continue with the chorus part... Wheeeee.... ^^

Run run run.. to a line... haha.. xD

[ Ps: Goodluck  tommorow =) ]

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