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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chap Goh Mei event + Yamcha

Went for a event at Sri Muda whereby it's located in a church. >.<" Haha.. Don't wanna talk much, view the pictures ba =D


ice breaking section
singing performance
drama performance 1
drama performance 2
drama performance 3
love story sharing >.<"
dancing actvity 1
dancing activity 2
Gosh~ @@
So pack.. @@
Finally.. dinner time =D
mum mum mum mum XD
Part of the committee.. One of them even recognize me from Famine 30 camp.. haha XD

More pictures are available HERE and HERE =)

Went to Station One, Bukit Tinggi with along with Xin Yi and Xin Hui.. Yeah.. Double Xin's sister.. haha..XD


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