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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day ♥

My 1st Valentine's Day with dummy ^^ It's so sien to think of you still have to attend classes...Till 5PM somemore.. Is like.. So sien lo.. =.=" Back to topic.. Well well.. I enjoyed my day very very much.. hee.. thanks for the surprise dear one.. Although no flower, no pressie.. =P but glad that you made the changes for me.. The hair.. the surprise clothe-changed.. >.<" Must always ta pan like this ma.. Abo you wan me ah beng forever meh.. =p kaka.. well.. went Shogun as planned.. and damn... it was awful.. haha.. not because the food was awful.. but we was too freaking FULL which make it feel so awful.. We was thinking how to throw away those unfinished food which we can stuff it inside our stomach anymore.. Luckily, the kind waitress is was willing to help us take it away without charging us.. She also knew we couldn't finish d.. haha.. Okie dokie.. Pictures time..  :D


Love this picture =D
had my 1st ice cream from Haagen-Dazs.. haha.. >.<
Lengzai dummy =p
Lenglui lingling xD (perasan case.. haha)

More pictures available HERE =)

 Once again, thanks for everything dummy.. Muaxxxx.. =D

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