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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Season of the witch

Another movie with dummy yesterday night. Season of the witch =D This movie came out so long d, we now only watch.. LMAO..haha.. Anyway, this movie is out of my expectation. I don't know this story is about what at first.. But then, in the beginning of the story, I got scared few times and I think I screamed twice or three times throughout the whole movie.. hahaha... xD Didn't expect the woman (witch) was actually a DEMON.. I thought the Debelzaq was the bad one.. thought he was the real witch.. hahaha... Rated this movie 8/10 =D

hahaha... this is berry berry cute.. LOL ^^

Anyway, I'm going to my grandma's house soon.. Can't wait for the reunion dinner as I'm super duper hungy now.. and what else? ANGPAO!!!!!! Wahahahahha.. Toodlesss.. Wheeee.... xD

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