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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am number FOUR

Another cute guy in my list... XD He's so cool in the movie leh.. haha.. 

Alex Pettyfer ^^

And this is so niceeeee ^^

Awesome movie! Love the power, love the lightning, blue always would be the good and red the bad one aren't they? Tron legacy also right? Don't say all those ultraman, or other cartoon movies la.. Haha.. I saw the trailer of this movie previously and I thought the movie will be not so nice. But then, after few of my friends had watch it and said it was so nice, so I went to watch it also and indeed, it was really nice! Haha.. First part of the movie already make me shout. LOL. And.. those bad guys.. so tupid de.. so fast die liao.. hahaha.. Rated 10/10 Can't wait for part 2..  

“Number one was killed in Malaysia. Number two was murdered in England. Number three was hunted down in Kenya...”

Number Six uses her abilities to shield John from a fiery blast.


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