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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A story about TRUST (Confucius)

Tzu-kung asked about government. The master said, “Give them enough food, give them enough arms, and the common people will have trust in you.
” Tzu-kung said, “If one had to give up one these three, which should one give up first?”
“Give up arms.”
Tzu-kung said, “If one had to give up one of the remaining two, which should one give up first?”
“Give up food. Death has always been with us since the beginning of time, but when there is no trust, the common people will have nothing to stand on.”
The phrase above is taken from the Analects of Confucius.  The meaning of the phrase is whereby a trust is very important for one person. Trust means confidence, reliance and belief. Trust is one of the basic relationships between human beings and makes it possible for human beings to live as a group. With trust also, people cooperate, help and support each other. In between that, people can suffer a lot from mistrust. When a trust is betrayed, it may sometimes lead to one’s death.
 I get to understand the importance of trust more deeply after an unforgettable and tragic incident that happened in my life. I still remember when we used to hang out together, we went for classes together, ate our lunch together, study, or even go to the wash room together. We will always stick together wherever we go. Aries, she was my closest best friend in college. We had known each other for almost 14 years since primary school. She was the person I talked to when I’m sad, the first person I would share my happiness with and the person I care the most besides my family. Indeed, she was like my own sister.  But everything’s has changed now.
I still remember where it was a pleasant Sunday morning. It’s Valentine Day and at the same time, it was my birthday. Aries and I were been invited for a valentine party by one of our classmate, Eddy. Aha! Who is Eddy? Eddy was the guy with the big blue eyes and always has a charming smile on his face. He was my first crush and I know he got the same feeling towards me as well. We were just waiting for one another to make the first move. On this special day, I had decided to step out the first move and tell him about my feelings. I was so nervous. Therefore I had asked for Aries help. I told her everything about my feelings towards Eddy and the plan to make the first move during the party. I made him a special 3D valentine card. “Aries, I am so nervous, What if he rejects me? What if he likes another girl? What if anything goes wrong? I cried. I couldn’t stop myself to think of the consequences on that night. “Don’t worry my dear; everything is going to be okay. You will dress up beautifully, go to the party and amaze him!” Aries replied. I’m so glad that I had my best friend to support me whenever I need her.
While I was putting my makeup on, suddenly the lights were switched off. I was panicked as I was afraid of the darkness.  Aries then came into my room holding a birthday cake singing, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Snowy, happy birthday to you” I was shocked, at the same time touched. I couldn’t stop my tears from dropping down. I hugged her and cried. Aries said, “You silly girl, how can I not celebrate your special day?” I then giggled. We ate the cake together and get back to prepare for the party. Before we get into the car, suddenly my house phone rings. I asked Aries to answer it for me while I prepare to start the car engine. Awhile after, Aries then ran out towards me and said that it was a call from hospital where my parents were caught in an accident. I was been asked to go to the hospital immediately. “Oh no, what should I do?” I started crying. “Okay, don’t worry. Now go to the hospital immediately to see your parents. I will help you to pass your card to Eddy. Leave it to me.” Aries then said. After that, I quickly rush to the hospital and look for my parents. As I approach the receptionist to ask for the room that my parents were been placed in, the receptionist said that my parent’s name were not in the list. I felt weird and asked the receptionist to check again. But the result was the same. I called Aries to conform whether did I go to the wrong hospital but her phone couldn’t get through. I don’t know what to do. Then, I called my brother to tell him about this news. I was shocked to know that my parents were safe. They did not caught in any accident at all. They were just eating with my brother at the restaurant. I was stunned. In my heart, I was thinking, “Why would Aries lie to me?”
Without wasting time, I rush back to the party to look for Aries as I expect her to give a good explanation to me. In my thought, “Maybe she was trying to joke with me since today was my birthday.” When I reach Eddy’s house, it was so crowded with people around. I looked for Aries everywhere and finally I found her talking with Eddy beside the swimming pool. Aries was holding the valentine card as in she was going to give the card to Eddy like in any moment. My heart starts to beat very fast. “Oh no, she was going to give my card to Eddy, what would be Eddy’s response?” I mumbled. I sneak a look behind the wall hoping to see Eddy’s response.  As my expectation, Aries passed the card to Eddy. Seeing Eddy was enlightened to accept the card, I was glad and then walked towards them bravely. When Aries saw me, she then kissed Eddy on his cheek and hugged him saying “I love you, Eddy”. At that moment, I was freak out. My heart was tore and my tears start to fall again. How my best friend could betray me? The birthday cake that she bought earlier, was it for real or fake? I had no idea. How could she lied to me saying that my parents were caught in accident and express her feelings towards Eddy as she know the card was made by me and I was going to tell him about my feelings.
 I ran back home. I couldn’t accept the fact that my 14 years best friend had betray me because of a guy and what worst was it happened on my birthday. It was a harsh. I trusted her so much but she broke my heart. I cried for 3 days 3 nights. From that day onwards, we didn’t talk to each other at all, from a best friend to a stranger. Because of a guy, I lost my 14 years closest best friend ever. From this incident, I understand that, it takes years to build a trust, but a few seconds to destroy it.

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