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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Astro Star Quest 2011

Dummy went to challenge once again~ the third time for him~ =) And he made it to the 2nd round!! Congrats congrats^^ Although I know he won't go for the 2nd round audition =.="

You know what? The audition start at 9am and we reach there around 8.30-8.45am.. And yet he got the number 165!!! Can you just imagine how many people are there? LOL And and and... till 3pm something.. those 300++ de number still waiting for their turn..Still got 500++ Omg..I wonder how they gonna survive.. I also sleep in the car for quite some time d.. haha.. Ok,, finish crapping..camwhore time ^^ 

Camwhoring in the car since got so many time!! XD

2nd auditon? Maybe next time ^^

Don't why it will auto rotate.. lolx.. 

See you next time ASTRO STAR QUEST!!!! Maybe I will consider to participate also.. =)

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