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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cameron Trip 2011

Strawberry, Jagung, Tomato, Vegetables anyone? XD 3 weeks sem break. Went Cameron Highland with 18 other friends. 4 cars~ 3 days 2 night@ Equatorial apartment. It was a blast. The weather was kinda cold compared to Genting Highland. Totally different from Klang's weather which is so damn extremely hot!! But I think I can't survive long if I stay there because as we all know Cameron is famous of its VEGETABLES and I don't eat them.. so.. you know.. haha.. =P Well.. Not much activities that we can do there other than visiting all the farms though.. We went to Strawberry farm,where we can pick all the strawberries on our own! Great experience wey! Not everyone had a chance you know.. haha.. We also went to Butterfly Park (reminds me of the butterfly that shits on Ivan's shirt! haha..) Hmm.. What else huh.. Bee farm, Rose valley, Cactus farm, and of course all the markets there where all the foods were so cheap!!! Tee-heee!!! XD Not to forgot the waterfall that we pass by when we were going back.. and oh ya! I miss the tomyam soup that they cooked for steamboat!! Wuwu.. So nice.. drinking hot soup along the balcony where the cool wind flew by.. The feeling was awesome! =) Okla.. I think I shall let those picture fellas do their talking job now! XOXO

Our apartment =)
Take a picture! XOXO
We@Equatorial =D
Pillow pet in the house yo! XD

Crazieee at the balcony =)
Yum yum.........
Makan makan!
click click~
Spidergurls in the house! =D
Rose valley 1
Tomatoes anyone? ^^
@cactus farm!
Kuan ni ma? LOL @@
Flower girls =)
say cheeseeee :)
Butterfly farm! XD

Snake!! XD

Picture with dummy =)
@Bee farm =)
Sing K? haha!
All girls! =D
chik chak XD
Wowww... so many many many strawberriessss... XD
Celup celup ^^
Enjoying strawberriessss with chocolates!!! yumyumm.. =D
Buy buy buy! haha
Waterfall view XOXO
At waterfall XD
watefall side =)
random :)
One of our activities there! XD

Oh ya, thanks to----->
Miss GPS that brought us to the destination! Haha =D
Souvenirs for family =)
For Ji muis and bro's birthday present^^


More pictures@ HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE!!!! XD

Looking forward for next trip!!! Enjoy the rest of your holidays people! =)

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