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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A fun day =)

I went to many place today! Haha. XD

1. Had Pillo Pet gathering during lunch. Ate bah kut teh with boss(HL) at Bukit Tinggi. Summer went back to hometown so too bad she can't join us.. Maybe next time la kay! =D

But I still prefer the bah kut teh at BBK T_______T

2. Then head on to MM2 Entertainment office for Dummy's casting. Wanna act in movie.. =P 

Nice right.. taken there.. the environment there was really pretty =)
Waited him for an hour plus.. @.@
Chik chak =D

3. Off to mian dui mian opposite KP. XD

4. Head on to Starbucks@ Setia Alam~ Wheee~ Frappucino 50% ^^

Cute liao la cute liao la. haha.. =P
Siao MC, CORY, JOY, LS, SM bump onto us. I really didn't notice or realized that they were actually hiding behind us. I was so shock when I saw them in the picture! HAHAHAHA.. XD

5. Finally went to I-City for I'M KPOP STAR KPOP DANCE COMPETITION =D
[Description and pictures available at next post~XOXO]

Had a fun day~ Wheeeeee.......... ^^

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