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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Lucky - Google Tricks

Found something interesting.
Click on all the link and see what happen: 

Google Magic (Press anywhere on the page ^^)

Go to Google homepage and search for :

Google chuck Norris
Google who’s the cutest
Then click on I'm feeling lucky button ^^

You can play game also.. haha.. ^^
Google pacman (Insert coin to play ya =P)

There's more here:
Google Mew : type “ ewmew fudd” :
Google Hacker: type “google hacker” or “google 133t”
Google Klingon: type  “google klingon”
Google Piglatin: type “google piglatin”
Google Bork: type “google bork”
Google Pirate: type “google pirate”
Google Chav: type “google chav”

Own Your google Search Engine
Want to own your Google search engine or maybe Yahoo!? Then go to . At this link you can create any search engine they provide and create the search engine logo with any name or title you want.

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