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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm Kpop Star Kpop Dance Competition 2011

Yo yo yo! Whatzup guys!! Anyonghaseyo!!! =) Went to I-City to watch a Kpop Dance Competition. And it was a blast! Phew.... Although the crowd was not as many as I had expected but the spirit is there though! Everyone was so high and of course this show was really a successful one! Thumbs up to all the committees and of course the mc~ Good job guys =) All the participants were awesome too! I began to love Kpop more and more after this show.. haha.. Remind me of my crew and our song "Change" also.. Kinda miss my dancing life.. =( ermm.. well.. back to topic.. Congrats to all the winners and to those who did not make it to top 3.. don't worry guys.. You all are awesome! =) Ok.. stop crapping.. picture time ^^

Mc Yoro in the house =)

Champion - Progression-H crew

1st runner up - DSLR crew

2nd runner up - Shawty 150 crew

Most popular crew - JSY

Some pictures of other crews:  

Performance by Ruffneckz

Ps : I didn't take the pictures. View it HERE and HERE =)

Enjoy my show~ Looking forward for next year =)

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