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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31% @ Baskin Robbin! XOXO

Dummy and I went to Baskin Robbin shop at 10am.. and guess what.. there are already so many people there for the day promotion. @_________@
This is only some of the people~haha XD

Yala of course.. who don't like promotion right.. haha.. we went there early also because we don't wanna wait so long.. haha.. and... jeng jeng jengggggg.......

Ta--daaa... XD
The top one for both of us and the bottom one for leng lui loo see jie jie de =)

Since she love chocolate so much, we purposely choose all chocolate flavors for her! XD
All four flavors consists of -
1.CHOCOLATE MOUSSE ROYALE (A light chocolate ice-cream with chocolate royale flavor bursts and a mousse-like texture.)
2. WORLD CLASS CHOCOLATE (A tempting mix of white and dark chocolate mousse ice-cream)
3. MAUI BROWNIE MADNESS (Low fat chocolate yogurt swirled with chunks of brownie, macadamia nuts, and chocolate fudge ribbon )
4. CHOCOLATE (Extra rich chocolate ice-cream)

Yum yummmmmm~ saliva dropping.. I know.. hahaha.. so many and plenty of chocozzzz.. XD

So~ what's your favorite flavor? =)

And this is my first time ever blowing, err.. I mean.. drying up.. or whatever la.. a dog's fur! 
Nice experience~ Bobo's reaction is so cute.. When I blow right she go left when I blow down she will stand up.. hahaha... XD

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