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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunway Lagoon + Umami XOXO

Woohoo~ Lagoon time!!! Let's swim and have fun yo! Haha XD Took me so long to persuade Mr.Wei Loon to join us.. haizz.. but luckily he still make it finally.. hehe.. 4 of us, me, dummy, sharon and wei loon.. enjoyed our day at Lagoon! We bought ALL PARK ticket because we wanna go to the scream park! haha.. guess what.. the scream park was really awesome! It was the scariest scream park that I had ever went! Fuh... It was dark inside.. along your journey.. you know la what happen.. haha XD.. me and dummy went through the whole journey but the other 2 cannot tahan already.. they went out back at the halfway. I dare to go but I was actually so scare. But I still wanna finish it. Since we already bought the ticket.. so why not challenge myself.. hehe.. but most of the journey, I keep try to close my ears because I don't wanna get scared by all the ghosts.. I closed my eyes sometimes also.. and 1 thing for sure, I never let go my hand of Dummy when we walked. Haha.. There's 4 stage along the journey. I remember 1 part where they asked us to stop and stand in a line and watch a movie on a screen. Suddenly, a ghost came in front of me and wanted to scare me, you know what I said? I said: "Err, excuse me, boleh tepi sikit? I tak nampak screen la.. " HAHAHHAA.. LMAO.. the ghost was supposed to scare us so they can't laugh but Sharon said she saw one of them showed their teeth means they wanna laugh out but they can't! Hahaha.. swt swt.. Other than scream park, of course.. we went to see animals at wildlife park, played extreme, water and also amusement park. XOXO

Now so hi tech d.. Use this wrist band as a "E-Wallet" where you can just reload cash and you can purchase food and drinks with the wrist band. Lagoon so clever lo.. their food and drinks is so so so expensive somemore! Guess what.. One picture cost 20 bucks!!!! I cant get one for 1 bucks only outside. LOL

lagoon map XD
picture with one of the ghost.. so ugly.. lol

Sharon took this. She don't dare to play. =P (Turns 360 degree ^^)
At wildlife park =)
My first time seeing a WHITE MONKEY.. >.<"

Didn't take much picture when we were playing amusement park because we kept our phones in the locker d.. But we played almost every game! First time playing most of the game without even waiting! The benefits of going theme park when it's not a peak season! Hehe =)

Had our dinner at Umami Steamboat Buffet after that ^^

More pictures to view available@ HERE

Really enjoyed our day. What's next? =)

Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MUM!! Love you mummy.. =)


  1. you remind me of my visit to Malaysia last year i wet there and had really fun time

    good days , good days lool

    Keep smiling


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