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Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture exchange activity (Malaysia<=>France)

Had an interesting and fun activity justnow =) We'll be performing for the coming event which is the Fete De La Musique. Hence, college had organized a performance whereby we(students from M'sia) will teach lecturer from France to sing two local songs which is "YUE LIANG DAI PIAO WO DE XIN" and "RASA SAYANG". Meanwhile on the other hand, they will teach us a french language of theirs which entitled "Aux Champs Elysées" Interesting huh? haha.. Main point is all of them were so friendly and open minded.. After we took our group photo, one of them said, "1 picture 1 kiss???" And another one was counting how many picture we took.. and said, "3 picture so 3 kiss??" All of us just look onto each other and laugh.. Don't know what to reply them.. Haha..XD When we teach them, they will try their best to learn it although it is difficult for them to pronounce our language which is Malay and Chinese. Of course, we do had a hard time to pronounce theirs as well because the song is a little bit fast and we can't really catch up with the song.. But its just the first day.. Practice makes perfect right? Hehe.. Looking forward for next practice ^^

Here's the picture we took justnow ^^

owh sorry, this is the one I took without them noticing from the back =p

Group photo ^^

five of them total~ the 2 guy beside the blue shirt not bad looking~ hehehe ^^

Tomorrow take solo shot? LOL XP

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