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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy birthday to Enyu =)

Went Fairies cafe to celebrate's Enyu's birthday.. After the whole tiring day doing charity work at orphanage home.. haha.. I hereby then wishing you a happy 21st birthday and wish you stay happy, healthy and lengzai always ya.. fai fai find your ah girl lo.. haha.. XP

More pictures @ HERE

We this crazy bunch of monkeys.. yumcha till 12am still not enough.. went Sepang Gold Coast hiao till 3am.. 

Had an unforgettable and enjoyable crabbie adventure there.. Or should I say cabi adventure? lolx.. Siao  IOJH la.. say wan to touch the sea water.. so we went lo.. hahaha... Pity those crabbie.. need to hide from us, but we are actually afraid that we would step on them..  LOL.. nice adventure though.. let's do it again! hahahha... till then, toodles ^^

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