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Sunday, June 26, 2011


This week is gonna be so so so packkkkkkk... OMG.......  T__________T
Here's my schedule for the coming week... 

Mon, 27 June - ACC202 exam
Tues, 28 June - Dance practice and dance practice
Wed, 29 June - Dance practice + Lunch + Dance practice
Thurs, 30 June - OL215 exam + Full rehearsal of dance
Fri, 1 July - Class from 9-12 and BUS206 exam at 1pm
Sat, 2 July - Dance practice at morning + Moral class at afternoon
Sun, 3 July - Appointment at afternoon + Dance practice after that
Mon, 4 July - PERFORMANCE DAY!!!!!! *HELP!!!!!*

I got 3 group assignments to go.. (Moral, OL, SCI) and 2 individual assignments (ACC and BUS)
*SCI due end of July, but have to submit ASAP cos got bonus mark
*Famine 30 booklet due 9th July..
*Moral due end of July, presentation early August
*ACC and BUS don't know due when.. wanna check but stupid e-learning can't open now!! @@

Can you give me more time???? T_____________________T

Wuhuhuhu... I wanna cry jor.. this dance thingy is so so so last minutee... spend most of my time practicing... MODF meh now.. really waste so much time previously.. really practice for nothing wey.. end up just used 1 move which is the guy pull girl out part nia..all the chair thingy, previous steps all didn't use..  =.=" haizzz... never mind la.. bo bian.. everyone agreed to change choreo also.. have to finish it also.. I just wanna clear everything ASAP!!! so that I can focus on my group assignment jor.. =X GAMBATEHHHH!!!!!!! 

I sleep first.. tomorrow need to wake up early and need to study for my monday's exam.. I don't wanna retake again... Goodnight~ T.T

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