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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm just a normal girl who has a very fragile heart

I am so so so so suffering right now,
Can you even understand me?
Do you know what I'm feeling right now?
You have know idea how I really try my best to do everything,
I had no idea what was it when you asked me, 
but I am really trying so hard,
which is hardly for me to explain,
I'm not good in talking, or even being the 100% right that you wanted,
I.. just don't know.. I felt so so depressed.. So so tired... 
Why it always has to be like this??
To you, everything was because of me, all my fault..
You want me to change, perhaps I can.. 
but I can't promise you will be satisfied with it,
I can't promise that I will changed to what you hoped I would change to,
This is because.....
I am still a person with ego-ness.. 
Maybe this is a bad attitude for you,
but I am a person who don't likes to be control by other people..
I don't say sorry if I think I'm right,
I do things which I like and which I want to do,
Yes I admit, I'm ego...
But I can really say that,
because of you.. I really changed a lot...
I can't recall what was it.. but it just that.. 
You are just too important for me..
I just want you to be happy.. 
That's all...
Aaahh god.. pleaseee.. 
Please make my day better.. 
Please don't make us be like this everytime..
I afraid I could't stand it anymore....
I really don't know what would happen..
I'm not so strong as what you think..
I'm just a normal girl who has a very very very fragile heart..
I can cry because of a small tiny matter ..
Even after watching a romantic proposal video at Facebook..
Or watching a baby being abused in television show..
Or being scold by lecturer..
What you want me to do????
I also don't know what can I do to really fix things right..
You know.. 

I've never ever cried because of a person so so much.. 
You can't imagine  how I felt...

because it makes me really suffer.....
so so so muchhhhh............

ps: I'm SORRY, ILY...

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