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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kungfu Panda 2

After Loo See's birthday celebration~ went for movie with dummy~ Didn't expect we would end our dinner so early.. I bought the movie ticket on Tuesday which is 11.55pm.. So no choice.. watch nia lo.. Although I felt abit sleepy at the end of the movie.. Coz really tired eh.. from morning til midnight wey.. >.<" back to movie now.. one word to describe= HE IS SO CUTEEEEEEEE!!!! ^^ especially when he was baby time.. aiyoyo... feel wanna pinch him.. so cute wey... pity dummy.. he kinda pek cek because of some kids who make noise during the movie.. but they are kids though..can't blame them.. it's so nice to see parents who brought their kids to watch this movie.. somemore midnight show wey.. so semangat nowadays de kids.. haha.. Rated this movie 8/10 =D

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