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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ladda Land T___T

Seriously, this is the most scariest Thai ghost movie that I had ever watch.. well, for me la.. I don't know about you guys... In my opinion, I think that the story line is good. I really didn't expect that the dad will commit suicide at the end.. I still thought got happy ending when the son suddenly woke up.. Haiz.. So touching at the end.. =X the whole story was kinda shocking because you won't know when it gonna make you scare or shock.. I didn't close my eyes so many times before while watching a movie.. Really.. =X 
Rated 8/10 Those who haven't watch must give it a try.. hehehehe..... ^^

And this kid is so so cuteeeeeeee... omggg... he got abit like xiao xiao ping leh.. hehe ^^

And here's the trailer ^^

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