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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Showdown LIVE show

Finally, got the oppurtunity to watch showdown LIVE@ I-City. Previously, keep on cancel and cancel.. haha.. But I don't really saw the whole thing because due to my height, and we were standing kinda back, so hardly seen =X But this week showdown make everyone shock I suppose. Because all top 4 crews are going to the final whereby suppose only 3 crews that been chosen.. Another sad case was ECX is currently ranked num 3 now!!! Like seriously? Or they manipulated the vote result? Well.. no one can really tell.. we won't know also.. Hmm... Don't really like this kind of show where we need voting from public because if you have the $$$ you can just buy as much of reload card and sms till the max! Another point is we don't even know whether the management will manipulate the result or not.. Dislike dislike dislike.. How come ECX can lose to......?? Oh please laaaa =X Gambateh ECX!!!! Will come and support you at next week's final again! =)


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