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Saturday, June 11, 2011

World's Biggest Angry Bird Playground

Well, this so called Playground is not really big as I thought, but they were actually attempting to create the Guinness World Record for the Most People Playing in a Mobile Phone Game Relay. It means that all the participants will be attempting to play the Angry Bird game on a single device provided by Nokia for as many people as possible! And of course la one people at a time.. haha.. XD I didn't took part because the queue is really damn long.. >.<" Owh, but there is something fun there.. you not only got a chance to swing the bird, but you can also swing yourself up onto the air! Hahaha.. Yeah.. the so called G-Force at Lagoon? Something similar to it but you are just hanging onto ropes everything without a ball. =D

Cool huh? But anyway, I think Nokia did a very good marketing strategy. Wonder how many N8 they had sold? Haha.. 

A picture with the mascot. LOL 

So small.. I thought it would be bigger.. T______T

So nice right........ =)

Register for free and we got a angry bird fan! ^^

ME = ANGRY BIRD? cute nehhh.. so round.. haha xD

To Anna and Isaac, good luck to both of you at US, must keep in touch kay? Sorry cos didn't go airport justnow.. Our heart always be with you.. =p Toodles.. =)

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