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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

Moshi-moshi, watashi wa pei ling des, dozo yoroshiku!!! XOXO Yeah, Bon Odori again since the last time I went during 2009.. This time really kao lat leh... Damn alot of people wei =.=" Luckily we went there early.. although we miss the show but we still manage to watch the rehearsal la.. haha..not bad d la.. The crowd is like so freaking a lot.. When we were heading back time, I can see along the road side were full with cars... some even parked so so so so so far.. phew...... This time, I bought an Unagi bento(RM16) and Japanese ABC(RM4-only ice with flavoring, don't know what's so special but the taste not bad la =D) and also Japanese sausage(which is actually the one from Aeon and it cost me 5 bucks =.=" LOL) 


YOU TELL ME!!!!! >.<"

After finish mum mum xP

The stage ^^

A picture with Kawaii Valerie before I heading back ^^

Till then, we'll meet next year  lo~ Sayonara... =)

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