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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Makan makan ala French! XOXO

Yummy yummmy!!!! Went college for Famine 30 pre-run for game actually but lucky us gam gam got culinary arts event. They were promoting their course and we got free food!! Yeah! But hor, we all betul betul sua pa lo.. sia sui betul... Like didn't eat dessert before like that.. The chef went inside the kitchen 30 seconds and when she returns, her dessert gone! shame shame lo we all... haha.. But her cream puff was so so niceeeeeee!!!!!! Pix time XD

Argh! I missed this one! This was during first session =(

This one was cooked by another chef! XD

Tam chiak! XD

Me and the chef ^^

Fruity time =)

I actually think before to study culinary arts you know? I love to see people bake cake. The way they smash and flatten the flour, the way they decorate the cake with the cream, chocolate.. everything!! So niceee.... 
I bake chocolate cake once when I was secondary school and won 2nd prize ok, don't play play a... ^^

I will learn to cook and bake in the future! =)

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