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Monday, August 29, 2011

2nd Monday of sem break

It's Raya eve yo! Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims yo =D 

Went Morib with HC gang. We brought Sky gal along.
Yeah, that's right yo! It's a Husky ^^
You guys must be wondering why its body got hole right? Well, erm according to her owner, she said that its fur drop off itself because of too hot. As Husky is a winter dog and it cannot stand hot weather. So blame Malaysia's weather. LOL. And how cute was she will even go switch on the fan herself when she's too hot. So cute right. Haha. =D 

Carrie in the house =D
Carrie's piggy =D
Carrie, nai ma and Sky =D
Sky(The dog) and Honeydew(The car) =D

 Well then, till we meet next time ^^

Crabbie crabbie meal with Dummy and Victor =)

Yeah, after waiting so long. Finally I got to eat my crab meal.. Woohoo =D We decided to go to the famous seafood restaurant at Telok Gong ^^
And guess what? We ordered 3KG's crab and it looks many but without noticing, we manage to finish it just like that. I still hungry although we finished our meal. >.<" It costs us RM33 per KG =D

Kam Hiong flavor
Salted crab flavor
Ta-daaaa............ XD

I want more crab crab... Giap giap giap XOXOa

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