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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cameron 2D1N (30-31July)

After flashmob, we straight chiong to Cameron!!! And it's like we depart around 10pm, Imagine what time will we reach? Yeah, around 1am. Such a tiring journey. Poor Chriz and honeydew =(

Sampai je, tunggu apa lagi? Makan la... yum yum yum... kakaka xD

Random chik-chak =D
All of us =D

Esok pagi kemudian, we ate steamboat for lunch. [Tiba-tiba campur melayu pulak ye.. haha]
Yum yum.. My favorite - Fu yong egg =)

 Then we head on to temple- O mi ta pha

Not to forget, strawberry farm yo :)
But we didn't went down to pluck due to lack of time but I still got to enjoy my
Strawberry chocolate!!!!! =D

@market =D

This time I got the chance to visit the Boh Tea Farm. Yayyy =) 
In Boh Tea shop
HC lau ren jia
HC Xiao gua
Xiao yang and xiao bai ^^

Looking forward for next trip with you guys =D

More pictures @ HERE =D

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